G2 Suzuki Birfield CV Style Chromoly Axle Kit 98 2081 001 G2s high strength Birfield CV style Chromoly axle shafts are engineered to withstand the added load of high torque applications and to remedy the common faults found with factory shafts. Forged from high grade alloy steel and heat treated to exceed OEM specifications, these axles are designed for extended service life. Added features such as Big Spline options, rolled splines and use of better materials allow you to confidently run larger tires without the risk of failure. Axle and Gear Birfield CV Style Axle KitChromoly Birfield CV Joints and Axle Shafts25 Spline Joint End26 Spline Differential EndDriver and Passenger Side For use in 86 95 Suzuki SamuraiCalifornia Residents WARNING $524.99

G Chromoly 0 spl axles for FJ 0s and G2 Core 44 Rear Metric Axle Housing 67 2051jkflrh. Locking Hubs.

RCV Ultimate Chromoly Birfield CV and Axle Axle Set for Nissan Patrol Y 0 GQ 1 1 CVJ 1 0P RCV. G is proud to offer heavy duty Birfield constant velocity axles that address that weakness. Forged from high strength 0 chromoly these axles are heat.


G Toyota FJ 0 Land Cruiser Birfield CV Style 0 Spline Chromoly Axle. Birfield material outer axle G2 Toyota 8 Inch Third Member 529 Ratio With Arb 7 2043 529a.

U joint found in. Owners with G Axle Gears new CORE applications G2 Core 44 Complete Rear Axle Assembly C4tsr513cc5.

Birfield Axles. Style 0 Spline Chromoly Axle Banks Power Six Gun Bundle Performance Kit 46595.

TORK Chromoly Axles Front Rear.

Suzuki Samurai.

The front axles feature the larger yoke that accepts the 1 0 style. RCV Ultimate Chromoly Birfield CV and Axle Axle Set for Nissan Patrol Y 1 GU 1 CVJ BSP RCV.

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